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Plinko Game

Update: 02.06.2024

Plinko is a real hit among crash games, available at numerous reliable online casinos. Plinko is widely known because of the unpredictability of the end of the round. It can either end with a low odds (like 1.1) or a huge one, up to x999 or even higher! Also a share of the popularity of crash-game received because of the simple rules – to study them enough to spend a minute.


Game Plinko for money in online casinos

The essence of the crash game is the falling ball, which ends up in a cell. The online casino customer can not predict in which well the ball will fall. And each hole has a multiplier. On the multiplier the amount of your bet is multiplied.

Types of plinko games
Types of plinko game

The principle of setting certain odds to the holes is simple – the higher the multiplier, the smaller the chance that the ball will fall on it. But there is always a chance, so you might be the lucky one to withdraw your winnings by the odds of x1000 – it will be a real jackpot even with a minimum bet!

There are several varieties of Plinko, but they all differ only in design, provider, sometimes in the number of cells into which the ball can fall. Otherwise, the gameplay is identical in all Plinko crash games.

The ball cannot fall in a straight line. Because it is in the playing field, which is usually a pyramid made up of obstacles that the ball hits. Each impact of the ball on the obstacle changes its trajectory. Therefore, which hole the ball ends up in, it is impossible to predict until the very end of the round. The effect of unpredictability of the result gives a lot of gambling emotions.

Rules of the crash game

All the rules of the plinko game

In fact, as such, there are no rules. Because the principle of gameplay as elementary, although drags on for many hours. It is enough to understand the interface with a small number of features Plinko to get the hang of the game:

  • The level of risk is minimal, normal, high. The higher the risk, the greater the multiplier for some cells. But high risk is called so because of the modest chance of the ball falling into the hole with a huge multiplier;
  • Number of lines in the pyramid – in order for a number of cells to have the maximum odds (usually x1000), it is necessary to set as many lines as possible. The number of wells on the playing field depends on the size of the pyramid;
  • Betting mode – manual or automatic at your discretion. In auto mode, you need to set the number of balls that will fall one after another. In manual mode, you can run either one or many balls.

Clicking each time on the button “PLAY”, you start another ball. There may even be a few dozen of them on the playing field. These are the main elements of gameplay, knowing is enough to start playing Plinko for money. The rules of plinko is very simple.


Benefits of Plinko

The most obvious advantage of the crash game is the likelihood of a hundredfold or even a thousandfold increase the amount bet in just one round. Also, the advantages should include intuitive gameplay, which does not cause questions even for beginners, not previously faced with crash games.

Plinko game online

You can form the following list of advantages of the game:

  • Honest gameplay, in which the outcome of the round is completely random;
  • Dynamic gameplay, as dropping a single ball can take only a few seconds;
  • High odds;
  • The ability to independently reduce or increase the risks;
  • Beautiful graphics and a pleasant soundtrack.

Also to the advantages should be attributed the fact that the game Plinko developed numerous manufacturers. Each provider tried to make the game qualitative and different from other versions. Therefore, you are guaranteed to find a version of Plinko that will suit you both in terms of gameplay and visual design.

Official site of Plinko Casino

To enjoy your time at Plinko’s, you should choose the online casino responsibly. Obviously, it should pay out winnings honestly, regardless of their size. For you, we have compiled a ranking of the best casinos in 2023-2024 with Plinko game. We recommend to give preference to gambling clubs that guarantee:

  • Fast withdrawals of winnings and a big list of ways to get them;
  • Welcome bonuses – usually these are gifts on your first deposit;
  • Fair play, which implies that there is no possibility of the casino administration to influence the outcome of the round.

Many users play Plinko for money from a smartphone. Therefore, the official casino website should definitely have a mobile version and preferably an application for Android and iPhone.

Plinko game


Choose the version of Plinko, which is developed by a well-known provider with a good reputation. Honest online casinos cooperate only with proven manufacturers of crash games to be sure of the high quality of Plinko.

Presented by such famous online casinos as Stake, 1Win, Pin Up and others. These are some of the most famous brands in the gambling market, offering an almost limitless range of gambling entertainment.


Once you’ve chosen a casino, you need to create a gaming profile in it if you’re ready to play Plinko for money. Registering doesn’t take much time and gives you a chance to try your luck at the insanely popular crash game. In order to create an account, you will usually need:

sign up in plinko casino

  • E-mail;
  • Phone number;
  • Password – sometimes you need to make up your own, or it will send to these contacts game club.

Sign up in casino

Note that some online casinos have a verification system. May require identification by sending a photo document to withdraw winnings.

Methods of withdrawal

How you can get the winnings depends entirely on the online casino. Modern gambling clubs are ready to transfer your money to:

  • Bank card;
  • Electronic wallet;
  • Cryptocurrency wallet.

After registering on the casino website, it is recommended to immediately open the section that lists the ways of receiving funds. Similarly, you should find out information on how quickly winnings are paid. Excellent, if the transfer of money does not take more than a couple of hours. In most cases the methods of deposit and withdrawal are identical, but in some gambling clubs may be different.

Demo version

Typically, providers are developing a demo version of Plinko, so the player can get acquainted with the gambling project without financial investment. It is unlikely that the demo mode will bring you the same gambling emotions that give cash bets. Since there is no probability of winning real money.

However, in some cases, the demo Plinko helps:

  • Making free bets, you can understand all the functions of the game and its gameplay;
  • You can understand how often the ball ends up in the hole with a good odds;
  • When bored, you can just run a couple dozen balls for fun.

Usually at online casinos you don’t even need to register to play free Plinko. It’s enough to find a game in the catalog, with one click you start downloading it. In the demo version, you can run as many balls as you want without spending a cent. Stop on the demo is not recommended because of the lack of probability of real winnings gameplay quickly enough bored.


Download Plinko on your phone

Licensed providers tend to release versions of Plinko for online casinos, relying on HTML5 or other similar technologies for development. Therefore, a customized Plinko mobile app with a guarantee of honesty is unlikely to be downloadable. However, it is possible to find an online casino that has official mobile programs. In them, you will be able to launch a crash game at a single tap, enjoying Plinko’s gameplay from your phone.

Plinko mobile game
Plinko mobile game

If the casino has mobile apps, links to download them are sure to be prominently displayed on the official site. Playing Plinko from your phone is really convenient, because an exciting crash game will always be at your fingertips!

Note that you can run the crash game simply by visiting the casino website from your phone. In mobile casinos you will get from your smartphone convenient controls and beautiful graphics in a game with a falling ball in a hole.

Strategies Plinko

While searching for the best strategy to play Plinko you can come across a huge number of tips on the internet, sometimes their authors even guarantee winnings. However, it is worth understanding that the outcome of the rounds in a crash game is unpredictable. There is not the slightest possibility to develop such a strategy that will guarantee a stable winnings.

Big fans of Plinko often advise to play only with high risks and 16 lines, run 10 or more balls simultaneously to catch big multipliers, up to x500 and higher. But we do not recommend to rely entirely on certain strategies, it is necessary to clearly understand that this is a gambling game. Much depends on luck, and sometimes it brings a lot of money!

Important advice – the amount of one bet should not be a crushing effect on your total deposit. Sufficient to put 10% of the amount on deposit in the casino, and a modest deposit (a few dollars) is half as much. Thus, you reduce to a minimum the risk of losing the entire deposit.

Real reviews


Interested in Plinko for the reason that I do not like the usual slot machines with complex combinations. In the crash game, everything is simple! You start the ball and just wait to see where it falls. I have repeatedly managed to win with x10 odds, which is very nice because you increase the bet amount tenfold.


Even though I’ve been playing for a few months now, I still get genuine emotion from Plinko. Even when you win by a small odds it is still pleasant. I can say with confidence that the game does not cheat, the trajectory of the ball is completely unpredictable. That’s what excitement is all about! Be sure to try to play!


A game for those who want great dynamics and simplicity. The probability of winning, in my opinion, is extremely high. Because repeatedly increased the deposit at a distance in Plinko. But there are losses, and where else could there be no losses in gambling? That’s why I recommend it!


I join Plinko when I get bored. For me the game is not a way to earn money, but just a fun pastime, sometimes even with friends we can make bets. It’s amazing how a game with seemingly elementary logic can give so many bright emotions! I recommend it without a doubt.



How do I play Plinko?
The gameplay of the crash game is as intuitive as possible. Select your stake amount and click on the “PLAY” button, thus triggering the ball to fall, hitting obstacles and at the end slipping into one of the holes with the odds. Your bet amount is multiplied by the cell multiplier. If it is greater than x1.00, you are definitely in the black!
What are the Plinko games?
A huge number of providers have released their own version of the crash game. We can mention such games as Plinko BGaming, Plinko BetFury, Plinko XY, Plinko 1win, Plinko Smartsoft, Bet Plinko, Plinko MyStake, which are very popular among thousands of casino customers. It should be understood that the gameplay in all variations will be 99% identical, but the graphics differ dramatically.
What are the settings in the game?
You can change the number of lines at the pyramid, thereby increasing its scale, and set one of three risk levels. With a large pyramid and high risk you claim a win at x1000 odds.
Is there a free mode?
Online casinos that have Plinko in their catalog offer free bets. Winnings in the demo versions of gambling games are formal and cannot be withdrawn or credited to a bonus account.
Are there bonuses and jackpots?
There are no bonus offers inside the game. However, lucrative promotions are ready to offer you almost any online casino. Please check the casino’s website for information on the availability of bonuses, many of which play large jackpots.
In case all my Plinko money is lost and I am unable to stop, what steps should I take?
If you are facing difficulties with managing your gambling behavior, it is highly recommended that you seek guidance and support from to receive help with issues related to problem gambling.
Reviews of the game Plinko

  1. Avatar

    There are many online casinos and games on the internet. I tried this one, and I liked it immediately. The interface is very user-friendly and pleasant. The website doesn’t slow down my computer or freeze. It works with most payment systems, and I especially like the option of using electronic wallets. I prefer not to disclose my credit card information.
    The uniqueness and originality of the game really appeal to me. The fact that you can win decent money starting from small bets gets the adrenaline pumping and adds excitement.
    In most casinos, the logic behind winning bets escapes me. Here, everything is transparent, even though it’s unpredictable.
    It’s also great that you can download it on your phone.
    Respect and recommendations from me.

  2. Avatar
    Harry Lewis

    I’ve been playing Plinko for a long time now, starting with free demo bets. I enjoyed it. By making these free bets, I learned the game and delved into all its intricacies. Now I’m playing with real bets. Of course, there are losses at times, but overall, I’m in the positive. And the feeling of excitement itself is unmatched!

  3. Avatar

    Как по мне, так отличный вариант для любителей азартных развлечений. Играю в Плинко уже на протяжении полугода, как на смартфоне, так и на ПК. Профит довольно стабильный и весьма приличный. В минус ещё не уходил ни разу. При регистрации, кстати, довольно неплохо насыпают на депозит в виде бонусов и разных множителей. Рекомендую!

  4. Avatar

    The casino is excellent, both in terms of visuals and format! It’s a pleasure to be a part of something as grand as Plinko. The loyalty program is one of the best! At every level, there are unique privileges. This place has the upper hand over other companies in everything. The casino stands out from others of its kind due to its transparency and fairness to players. I constantly win and can quickly withdraw to my card. The support team is there to help if needed and answers questions in simple and understandable terms. In conclusion, it’s great to play, and withdrawals are easy. So, Plinko is definitely a worthwhile option.

  5. Avatar

    Мое первое онлайн казино с которым познакомился это плинко в 1вин.
    Даже после перерыва позвонили и поздравили с др и дали подарок.
    Кешбэки, хоть здесь реально плюс, иногда можно словить не плохие отдачи своих же проигранных денег, по промо кодам и еще постоянно кэшбэк.

  6. Avatar

    За последнее время я попробовал множество игр в разных казино, включая Extra Win X, Seven Seven, Vulkan of Olympus и т.д. Но случайно наткнулся на Плинко, он отличается от типичных слотов с барабанами, вращающимися быстро и выстраивающими ряды символов, таких как 777. В игре Плинко можно наблюдать, как шарик отскакивает от кеглей, и это очень увлекательно. В игре можно выбрать риск и волатильность, и попробовать множество конфигураций. Я был настолько захвачен ожиданием выигрышного попадания, что когда это случилось, я был в полном восторге.

  7. Avatar

    Очень простая и понятная игра. Не очень приятно, когда нужно кучу времени выделить на изучение правил игры. А тут все по интуиции видно даже. Отдельно порадовали бесплатные ставки в демоверсии. Чтобы присмотреться, так сказать. Играю, выигрываю. Увеличение суммы тоже выпадало. Это реально здесь.

  8. Avatar

    A very interesting game, to be honest, it’s a novelty for me. The outcome is always unpredictable. I play when I have time, and sometimes I even win. I get a lot of thrill from this game. Give it a try – it’s simple, fun, and very exciting.

  9. Avatar
    Ivan Abramovich

    I agree. The game is for those who want great dynamics and simplicity. For me, it’s not a way to make money but simply a fun pastime.

  10. Avatar

    My experience with Plinko casino game turned out to be a real revelation for me. Not only did I gain an unforgettable experience, but I also improved my financial status thanks to my winnings. Careful planning and strategic moves allowed me to increase my initial amounts and achieve a significant boost. Additionally, I was impressed by the variety of games on offer. Plinko casino provides numerous entertainment options, allowing every player to find something to their liking. The atmosphere there was so friendly and pleasant that I felt right at home. In summary, playing the Plinko casino game became not only an opportunity for me to have fun and relax but also a successful outcome of my financial investments. I recommend everyone to try their luck in this captivating game and experience not only financial gains but also a source of unparalleled excitement and emotions.

  11. Avatar

    Биткойн-казино предлагают игрокам удивительные бонусы и акции, чтобы повысить их шансы на победу. Онлайн-казино обычно не взимают комиссию за обработку при использовании биткойнов.

  12. Avatar

    I also liked the simplicity and clarity of the game. In online roulette, when you start playing, it’s unclear how the images will be chosen. Here, you follow the ball and get an adrenaline rush. Plus, there’s a higher chance of winning here. Moreover, the probability of winning a substantial bet here is much higher than in online casino slots.
    The interface, visuals, and the website’s design are also clear and pleasant.

  13. Avatar

    I’ve been playing for several months now and have only had a positive experience and a lot of unforgettable emotions from the game Plinko. Even if I win small amounts, it only motivates me to continue playing and advancing in the game to achieve the highest winnings. I can confidently say that the game keeps you on edge, the trajectory of the ball never repeats, and it’s unpredictable. I recommend that you give it a try! It’s very interesting, and if luck smiles upon you, you might end up with both fun and an increase in your money!

  14. Avatar

    I have been playing for several months now, and I only have positive impressions and a lot of unforgettable emotions from the Plinko game. Even if I win small amounts, it only motivates you to continue playing and advancing in the game to achieve the maximum winnings. I can confidently say that the game keeps you on your toes; the trajectory of the ball never repeats and is unpredictable. I recommend that you give it a try! It’s very interesting, and if luck smiles upon you, you will not only have fun but also increase your winnings!

  15. Avatar

    That’s amazing, I really like it, and the music is relaxing for playing. Plus, for me, it’s different – it pays off in a couple of hours. Lucky me, and just rolling the dice pays. You hope they won’t change this system; if they don’t make it even better, it would be great. The maximum number of times the $ sign, for some of which I got a maximum of 0.5 pounds ?

  16. Avatar

    Great idea from the developers. Unusual design, a variety of games, excellent entertainment, and, on top of that, a good chance to earn money. I’ve been playing for about three months, and so far, I really like everything, and I plan to continue.